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Heatseeker Technologies

Heatseeker Technologies
Every day Firefighters across the country respond in their communities trying to protect citizens from a myriad of hazards associated with everyday life.
With a sharp eye focused on protecting the community, we often times work through the fatigue of the call placing ourselves in danger of receiving or contributing to an injury.
Many of these injuries result from the effects of exertional heat-related illnesses caused by the environment, safety equipment including structural firefighting gear, strenuous activities, and loss of focus mistakes.

With core body temperatures possible above 40 degrees C, we place others and ourselves in danger.

With changes in the Fire Services including reduced budgets, the ever changing environmental issues and increased personal hazards the changes in new PPC technologies has been a double edged sword. The New PPC offers Fire Fighters the greatest protection from external heat and fire related sources and hazards yet seen or experienced but also to becoming at times a hazard to fire fighters who become victim of heat related stress and illness.

As times have changed, we are required to do more with less everyday regardless of the inherent dangers associated with the practice.
Technology has provided the fire service with $1000 cooling fans and pre-connect operated fans exceeding $1500 that work for formalized rehabilitation sections, but take time to deploy and these fail to meet the immediate fire ground needs of most firefighters.

HeatSeeker Technology & Design provides you a low cost immediate option for cooling on scene firefighters.
Our Rehab Units set up in seconds, utilize minimal water, and have the proven ability to cool an area up to 30% and allowing Fire Fighters to have an instant quickly deployed Rehab area.

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HeatSeeker Mini SixShooter 1.5" Rehab Cap

HeatSeeker Mini SixShooter 1.5


The HeetSeeker Mini Six Shooter comes as a 1.5 inch FD thread cap in powder coat with 6 Stainless Steel Misting Nozzl…

HeatSeeker ScatterGun 1" Rehab

HeatSeeker ScatterGun 1


The HeatSeeker ScatterGun features a 1" FD Thread and a Stainless Steal Scatter Nozzle. The ScatterGun is perfect f…

HeatSeeker SixShooter 2.5" Rehab Cap

HeatSeeker SixShooter 2.5


The HeatSeaker Six Shooter comes as a 2.5 inch FD thread cap in powder coat with 6 Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles. …

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